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Growth Hacking Workshop

Learn how to unleash your business growth

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Growth Marketing is data-driven, technical marketing. By learning those skills, you’ll be able to impact the entire customer journey and strengthen your position within your organisation.
Product owners
A product experience is the product itself, along with all customer touchpoints over their entire lifetime. Learn how to optimise both to drive product engagement.
You can’t fight the big guys with the same tactics or you will be crushed. You have to think differently and use creative techniques to distribute & optimise your product the fastest possible way.


  • Understand clearly what Growth Marketing is all about and how it redefines Digital Marketing.
  • Learn new tactics and tools to attract and retain high-value customers.
  • Learn how to implement the Growth Marketing methodology, which will enable you to grow businesses faster than ever before.
  • Network with like-minded ambitious marketers and founders.
Growth Marketing Workshop, Brussels, 3rd edition


  • Most marketers are overwhelmed by how technical marketing has become. They need to embrace these changes to beat their competition.
  • Product development and distribution teams should no longer be in separate departments but fully integrated with each other.
  • Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated. Standing out and getting people’s attention now requires creativity, focus and guts.
  • Digital means measurable but businesses must learn to focus on the right metrics and establish S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Who is speaking?

  • Thomas Paris Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Thomas Paris Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Thomas Paris is a technical marketer passionate about Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Pictawall, a technology that benefits from organic social media content to increase online conversions and of MAD Kings, a Growth Hacking Agency based in Brussels.

  • Jean-Christophe Cuvelier AUTOMATION SPECIALIST - MAD Kings

    Jean-Christophe Cuvelier AUTOMATION SPECIALIST - MAD Kings

    Jean-Christophe Cuvelier has a long experience in digital marketing. With more than 10 years in a communication agency and 4 years in a startup specialised in social networks technologies, he has acquired a solid experience in that field. Combined with his knowledge of technologies, he can automate marketing processes and scale marketing efforts to create an exponential growth.

  • Eric Rodriguez DATA SCIENTIST - MAD Kings

    Eric Rodriguez DATA SCIENTIST - MAD Kings

    With more than 15 years of experience ranging from Developer-DevOps-Architect, Eric masters broad skills to design and develop anything from Object-Oriented applications to web and mobile apps. Over the last years, Eric has been busy building web applications for startups in a CTO role:, and He worked in various business environments like banking, government, finance, web startups, customs and online auctions. Enthusiast about new and emerging technologies, he’s also very active in the developer community, taking part to many hackathons and startup weekends. Eric is currently focusing on his latest startup, which aims to disrupt the business information broker industry and share company, records easily.

  • Jim Van den Broek Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Jim Van den Broek Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Jim Van den Broeck is a performance marketer passionate about Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. After developing his SEO and SEA skills he became a true Google master and he is eager to share his insights during this 2-day workshop.

  • Adrien Lafosse Growth Marketer - MAD Kings

    Adrien Lafosse Growth Marketer - MAD Kings

    Adrien Lafosse is an entrepreneur and a resident growth hacker at MAD Kings. He is also the founder of Pick’n’Task, a platform startup that leverages the power of Facebook Chatbots to connects people with professional service providers.

Event Schedule

Thursday, February 7, 2019

  • Introduction To Growth Hacking

  • How To Build Your Growth Team

  • Define Your Marketing Funnel

  • Deep Dive Into The Funnel

    • Awareness & Acquisition

    • Activation & Retention

Friday, February 8, 2019

  • Deep Dive Into The Funnel

    • Revenue

    • CRO & Data

    • Referral

  • Growth Marketing Canvas

  • Growth Process Methodology

  • Networking


I had high expectations for this workshop as I have both an IT and business development background, with a natural interest for B2B inbound marketing and growth techniques. The MAD Kings team provided a well-structured couple of days, with a lot of valuable content and actionable takeaways for both small and larger organisations. Strongly recommended and definitely need more of these in Belgium!.

Gregory Culpin, Director at Elium

A dive into the complex world of Growth Hacking. This workshop helps to discover concrete tools and techniques to acquire new customers in the age of Facebook and digital identity. Beyond the buzz, the team of MAD Kings is committed to making marketing an increasingly accurate science, to the delight of their customers!.

Nicolas Paris, Innovation Manager at Lampiris

Growth hacking is not about all the tools you can use, it’s about the methodology behind. MAD Kings helped us understand how to implement this famous framework, called growth hacking.” “Dropbox or Airbnb’s massive growth hasn’t come overnight, they set the right methodology to reach it. That’s what you’ll learn from this workshop. What is Growth Hacking and how to implement a framework that’ll make your company grow. We all heard or read about growth hacking online but many of us are confused about what’s all really about. This workshop helped us learn the basics and how to implement it in our company in order to outsmart our competitors.

Alexis Martial, Growth Marketer at Internet Vista

This 2-days workshop exceeded my expectations. It's been an fulfilling experience with great content as well as a nice atmosphere. The theory was combined with the practical aspects in a smooth & smart way. I definitely recommend it!

Justine Cuylits, Digital Marketer at BLCreative


Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. A growth hacking team, composed of a technical marketer, a UX/UI designer, a full stack developer and a data analyst, analyses the entire customer journey to identify bottlenecks in the conversion funnel. They then run data-driven experiments using the scrum methodology to improve the company’s defined key metric(s). To achieve long-term sustainable growth, they focus on optimisation as well as lead generation.


Growth hacking teams use the AAARRR framework to have a clear vision of the conversion funnel and optimise each step, with a strong focus on one key metric at any given time. Think of your business as a bucket and your leads are water. If you start pouring water into a leaky bucket, you’ll waste a lot of money. This is why growth teams care deeply about customer retention.

AAARRR Framework


Growth hacking took the best out of the Lean Startup and Scrum methodologies. After analysing the funnel and defining their OMTM (One Metric That Matters), growth teams run data-driven experiments through sprints of 1 or 2 weeks. By looking at the data and their initial hypothesis, they are able to quickly decide to kill or scale experiments. The speed of execution and decision-making process is the number one reason why companies applying the growth methodology are outsmarting and outrunning their competition.

Lean Marketing


Looking for growth hackers is like looking for unicorns pooping ice-cream. The amount of skills needed to run successful data-driven experiments across the entire funnel is such that companies need to focus on building growth hacking teams with T-shaped profiles. Each individual member has a broad knowledge of his/her own area of expertise with a strong specialisation on one or two skills.

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